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Math Generators
Addition (Basic) Generator

Create basic addition drill-and-practice pages with 25 or 50 problems on a page. This generator creates worksheets with single-digit problems. (example: 7 + 8)

Addition (Advanced) Generator

Create advanced addition worksheets. You select the number of digits in each addend (2-7). You can also choose whether or not to include word problems. (example: 457 + 108)

Subtraction (Basic) Generator

Create basic subtraction drill worksheets with 25 or 50 problems per page. This generator creates worksheets with answers less than 10. (example: 14 - 7)

Subtraction (Advanced) Generator

Create advanced subtraction worksheets. You select the number whether or not you would like borrowing, and choose between vertical and horizontal problems. (example: 561 - 304)

Multiplication (Basic) Generator

Create basic multiplication practice worksheets with 25 or 50 problems per page. You choose the range of the factors, up to twelve. (example: 7 x 6)

Multiplication (Advanced) Generator

Create advanced multiplication worksheets. You choose how many digits you'd like in each factor. Also choose between vertical and horizontal problems. (example: 899 x 14)

Division (Basic) Generator

Create your own worksheets with basic division facts. Select the range of dividends and range of divisors. (example: 72 ÷ 8)

Division (Advanced) Generator

Create advanced, long division worksheets. You choose the number of digits in the dividend and divisor, and whether or not you'd like remainders. (example: 560 ÷ 10)

Flashcards & Games

Generate your own classroom bingo game, complete with a class set of bingo boards and calling cards. Enter your own math facts, questions, sight words, or vocabulary words.


Make your own flash cards. Choose any color and enter your own word list. Use these flashcards for spelling words, math facts, vocabulary definitions, or study facts.

Puzzle Generators
Word Search Maker

Create a word search with your own word list. Choose between basic, intermediate, and advanced-level puzzles.

Crossword Puzzle

Make your own crossword puzzle. Simply enter your own vocabulary words and clues and the puzzle generator will do the rest.

Cryptogram Generator

Type in a phrase and this tool will generate a cryptogram puzzle (with letters, numbers, or symbols) for your students to decode.

Word Scrambler

Make your own word scramble puzzles with this word scrambler tool. Simply input your word list, and the computer generates a word scramble worksheet.

Missing Letters

Create a missing letter puzzles with your own spelling or vocabulary word lists.

ABC Order Generator
ABC Order Generator

Enter a list of words, and the computer will generate a cut-and-glue ABC order worksheet for your students.

Quiz Generators
Multiple Choice

Generate a quiz or worksheet with multiple choice questions. Write your own questions and make a quiz with a professional layout. Members can save their worksheets to their accounts to edit or reprint any time.


Make a quiz or worksheet with matching questions. Choose between two styles of matching questions - draw lines or write letter answers. Members can save their work to their online filing cabinets.


Make quiz with fill-in-the-blank questions. Enter your own questions and generate a worksheet with a professional layout. Members who are logged in can save their work to their accounts.

Short Answer / Essay Test

Easily create short answer quizzes with our simple and quick generator tool. Professionally format your essay question tests. Site members can store their files on STW and conveniently grab them any time.

Teaching Tools
Classroom Newsletter

Make your own custom classroom newsletters. Choose a layout, and a theme. Then enter your own content.

Calendar Generator

Create your own monthly calendars. Insert your own notes for holidays, birthdays, events, and special occasions.

My Saved
Generator Worksheets
My Generator Worksheets

If you've generated any worksheets and saved them, you can access them in your virtual file cabinet with this link. (This feature is available for logged-in members only.)

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