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Does your classroom have iPads?  Do your students have smartphones?  If so, your class will LOVE our new QR Code  Math Worksheets.

Students scan the QR code on the worksheet to view a word problem. Then they solve the problem in the space provided on the worksheet.

To use these worksheets, you'll need an iPad, iPhone, or Android smartphone with an app that scans QR codes. (Don't worry, you can download the app for free.)
Download interactive whiteboard lessons on our other site,
QR Code Math Worksheets
QR Worksheets
We also have worksheets where students solve problems on printable worksheets, then check their answers by scanning a QR barcode.

Take a look at the new QR Code  Math Worksheets on Super Teacher Worksheets.  We're working on building the set to include dozens of QR addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division printables.