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Diagramming Sentences

Learn to diagram sentences with these grammar worksheets.

Diagramming Sentences


These sentences have only two words- a noun and a verb. Create a diagram by separating the subject from the predicate.
2nd through 4th Grades
Common Core
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Diagram these sentences. Each one has double subjects, a conjunction, and an action verb.
2nd through 4th Grades
These simple sentences each contain one noun and a double predicate with two action verbs.
2nd through 4th Grades
These sentences contain two simple subjects and two simple predicates. Practice diagramming these sentences.
2nd through 4th Grades
Diagram the sentences. Each statement has one or two nouns and one or two verbs.
2nd through 4th Grades
Each statement on this page contains one or more adjectives and/or articles.
2nd through 4th Grades
Identify the verbs and adverbs, then make a diagram.
2nd through 4th Grades
Diagram these basic sentences with nouns (simple subjects), verbs (simple predicates), adverbs, and adjectives.
2nd through 4th Grades


These sentences have adjectives, adverbs, or both. Draw a diagram of each sentence.
2nd through 4th Grades
Direct Objects are nouns in the predicate that receive the action of verbs. Identify the direct objects and try diagramming the sentences.
2nd through 4th Grades
Linking verbs connect a subject to its predicate. Common linking verbs include be, am, is, are, was, were, been, smell, look, taste, feel, and sound.
2nd through 4th Grades
This diagramming worksheet is tricky because it contains a mix of adjectives, adverbs, and direct objects.
2nd through 4th Grades
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Printable Grammar Worksheets (Diagramming Sentences)

Grammar Worksheets (Diagramming Sentences)

Grammar Worksheets (Printable)

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