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5th Grade Common Core: W.5.2

Common Core Identifier: W.5.2 / Grade: 5
Curriculum: Writing: Text Types and Purposes
Detail: Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly.
10 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned worksheets found:
The tuatara is a rare reptile found only in New Zealand.  While it looks like a lizard, it's really more closely related to a snake.
Level: 5th Grade
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Learn about the armored mammals called armadillos, which can be found in various areas throughout North and South America.
Level: 5th Grade
It might be Kurt's graduation party but Chris is getting stuck doing all the work, and he doesn't think it's fair.
Level: 5th Grade
Use these forms to write a research report on one of Canada's provinces.
Level: 4th through 6th Grades
Did you know that flying squirrels can't actually fly? They glide from tree to tree, using a furry membrane like a parachute.
Level: 5th through 7th Grades
Learn how chewing gum and bubble gum was invented with this article.
Level: 5th Grade
Learn about one of the rainforest's most colorful birds, the Hoatzin.
Level: 5th Grade
Did you know that designing and building a bridge involves math, science, architecture, and design skills? Learn about the three main types of bridges, arch, suspension, and beam bridges, in this fascinating article! Activity includes vocabulary words, a writing prompt, and comprehension questions.
Level: 5th Grade
Learn about the three categories of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. How does each type of rock form? What are the characteristics of each? Find out these answers and more in this science article.
Level: 5th Grade
Learn how a rainbow forms in the sky. Basic introduction to the spectrum of light and light concepts. Reading comprehension questions, vocabulary words, and a writing prompt are included.
Level: 5th Grade
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