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2nd Grade Common Core: W.2.2

Common Core Identifier: W.2.2 / Grade: 2
Curriculum: Writing: Text Types and Purposes
Detail: Write informative/explanatory texts in which they introduce a topic, use facts and definitions to develop points, and provide a concluding statement or section.
5 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned worksheets found:
Students choose a dinosaur species and research its size, weight, habitat, and other interesting information.
Level: 1st through 3rd Grades
Common Core
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Color the firefighters and write three different fire safety tips. This worksheet has regular writing lines for students in 2nd through 4th grades.
Level: 1st and 2nd Grades
Color the firefighters and write a fire safety tip. This worksheet has primary-ruled lines for students in kindergarten through 2nd grade.
Level: 1st and 2nd Grades
While they walk home from school, Jake teaches his younger brother Ben a secret for adding big numbers.
Level: 2nd Grade
Holi is a holiday from India. People throw colored water at each other for fun on this day. In this story, Sammy gets a phone call from his friend Raj. Raj wants him to come over and wear old clothes. But why?
Level: 2nd Grade
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