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1st Grade Common Core: RL.1.4

Common Core Identifier: RL.1.4 / Grade: 1
Curriculum: Reading Literature: Craft and Structure
Detail: Identify words and phrases in stories or poems that suggest feelings or appeal to the senses.
7 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned worksheets found:
What happens when Dad discovers a messy bedroom?   After reading about a child who cleans up their room, students check their understanding by answering the questions.
Level: 1st Grade
Common Core
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A nervous child anxiously enters her classroom for the first time. She's got a new lunchbox, new school supplies, and shiny shoes. But will she like her new teacher?
Level: 2nd Grade
Tom is excited to be at the beach, but how can he have fun without any friends to play with?
Level: 1st Grade
While Ian is asleep in his bed, he awakes when he hears the door creak open. Then he hears a strange sound. Is it his dad, his mom, a ghost, or something else?
Level: 1st Grade
Lily and her mom are having a picnic. They hear lots of beautiful music. Where are the sounds coming from?
Level: 1st Grade
Hippo keeps bothering frog by eating the lily pads, squishing the mud, and blowing bubbles in the water.  How can they work it out?
Level: 1st Grade
Max is getting ready for his birthday party, but the baby is popping the balloons and ruining his party.
Level: 1st Grade
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