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3rd Grade Common Core: L.3.3a

Common Core Identifier: L.3.3a / Grade: 3
Curriculum: Language: Knowledge of Language
Detail: Choose words and phrases for effect.*
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This two-page worksheet contains pictures of idioms. Students must use the idiom in a sentence and tell what the sentence means. Includes phrases such as, "Down to Earth," and "Taking a Big Step."
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
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An idiom is a phrase that isn't meant to be taken literally. This poem includes idioms, such as "tickled pink," "left out in the cold," and "can't have your cake and eat it too."
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
Students re-write each sentence and add exaggeration.
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
This two-page printable is a list defining sixteen common English idioms. Phrases include, "top of the world," big money," "time flies," "good sport," "fed up," and "eat your words."
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
On the top half of the worksheet, students must tell which sentences have hyperbole and which ones do not. On the bottom half, they write their own hyperbole sentences.
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
Choose the best idiom from the word box to complete each sentence. Includes phrases such as, "cold shoulder," "feeling blue," "early bird," and "pushing the envelope."
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
Write a sentence with hyperbole for each item. For example, if a student is give the words, "an old computer," they might write, "My computer is older than the dinosaurs."
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
Choose the best words to complete each sentence. Phrases include, "In Hot Water," "Lend a Hand," "Hit the Sack," and "Kick the Bucket."
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
In this activity, students will read the sentences and underline the words that begin with the same consonant sound.
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
Students will read the poem, "A Misty, Mellow Morning," and underline all the words that have alliteration. Students will also write their own example of alliteration.
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
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