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1st Grade Common Core: L.1.4a

Common Core Identifier: L.1.4a / Grade: 1
Curriculum: Language: Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
Detail: Use sentence-level context as a clue to the meaning of a word or phrase.
25 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned worksheets found:
Lily and her mom are having a picnic. They hear lots of beautiful music. Where are the sounds coming from?
Level: 1st Grade
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Ian, his dad, and Sir-Wags-a-Lot are fishing in a canoe. Every time a fish comes near the boat, the dog barks and scares it away.
Level: 1st Grade
Hippo keeps bothering frog by eating the lily pads, squishing the mud, and blowing bubbles in the water.  How can they work it out?
Level: 1st Grade
Halloween is finally here and Ian, his dad, and Sir-Wags-a-Lot go out searching for the perfect pumpkin. Will Ian find what he is looking for?
Level: 1st Grade
Ian needs to find the right tree for the tree house his dad is building. Ian asks his dog for help because his dog is good at finding things.
Level: 1st Grade
Josh is an independent young boy who gets his own snack and puts his dishes away. However, when he tried to tie his shoes by himself, he makes knots. Can he do it himself without help?
Level: 1st Grade
While Ian is asleep in his bed, he awakes when he hears the door creak open. Then he hears a strange sound. Is it his dad, his mom, a ghost, or something else?
Level: 1st Grade
Ian takes Sir Wags-a-Lot camping with Dad. Dad thinks Sir Wags-a-Lot will get in the way. Can Sir Wags-a-Lot show he's useful instead?
Level: 1st Grade
Rhyme Game FREE 
Bella and James are playing a rhyming game. When it's James' turn to rhyme words, he makes Bella laugh.
Level: 1st Grade
Ian can't think of just the right name for his new dog. The names that his father suggests just don't seem right.
Level: 1st Grade
Solve these fun sports analogies.  example:  Baseball is to diamond as basketball is to court.
Level: 1st through 3rd Grades
Complete each analogy by writing the correct word on the blank line.
Level: 1st through 3rd Grades
Mom can't find her keys anywhere! Together, she and Lily search the kitchen for the missing keys. Will they be able to find them? Reading comprehension questions, vocabulary from the story, and a writing activity are included with this worksheet.
Level: 1st Grade
Ian isn't the luckiest when it comes to catching a baseball at the ball game. Can his dog, Sir-Wags-a-Lot, help him out?
Level: 1st Grade
Ian can't find his orange anywhere! Can Ian's dad and his dog, Sir Wags-a-Lot, help Ian find his lost orange?
Level: 1st Grade
Chipmunk is looking for her breakfast, but it looks like her friends have already eaten all of the food in the forest. When she finds her friends, she discovers that they've planned a special surprise.
Level: 1st Grade
James and Bella want to play catch outside, but they can't find their ball! Will their dog, Penny, help them out, or does Penny have a different game in mind? This reading activity includes a writing exercise, vocabulary matching from the story, and comprehension questions.
Level: 1st Grade
When all Ian's family members are too busy to listen to him read, what will he do? Activity includes comprehension questions, vocabulary words, and a writing prompt.
Level: 1st Grade
Find the range for each set of numbers. Includes a word problem.
Level: 3rd through 6th Grades
Ian knows what he wants to be when he grows up, but can Sir-Wags-a-Lot figure out what he wants to be too? Reading comprehension questions, writing prompt, and vocabulary words are included.
Level: 1st Grade
Jordan can't remember where he set down his bowl of ice cream! He and Ava better hurry up and find it before it all melts! Reading activity includes comprehension questions. An answer key is included.
Level: 1st Grade
Ian has a brand new tree house, but something doesn't seem quite right? What's missing from Ian's tree house? Find out in this reading activity geared toward a first grade reading level.
Level: 1st Grade
Join Ian and Sir-Wags-a-Lot as they make an extra special birthday cake for Dad! Reading comprehension questions, vocabulary words, and a writing prompt are included.
Level: 1st Grade
When Brandon wants to introduce Nick to his "kitty," Nick is expecting to meet Brandon's pet! Who he meets at the end of the story is definitely a surprise!
Level: 1st Grade
James and Bella are guessing what Mom is making for a tasty snack. Can they put the clues together and figure out what it is?
Level: 1st Grade
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