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7th Grade Common Core: 7.EE.4

Common Core Identifier: 7.EE.4 / Grade: 7
Curriculum: Expressions And Equations: Solve Real-Life And Mathematical Problems Using Numerical And Algebraic Expressions And Equations.
Detail: Use variables to represent quantities in a real-world or mathematical problem, and construct simple equations and inequalities to solve problems by reasoning about the quantities.
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This worksheet has 15 two-step equations for students to solve. There is a model problem at the top. These basic level problems do not include exponents or parenthesis.
Level: 7th Grade
Common Core
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Find the value of x for each equation. These problems require only addition and subtraction.
Level: 7th Grade
Find the value of the variable for each two-step equation. The intermediate level contains problems with negative and positive integers.
Level: 7th Grade
Use addition, subtraction, and multiplications to determine the value of x in each equation.
Level: 7th Grade
These advanced-level two step equation problems contain decimals.
Level: 7th Grade
Find the missing number(s) in each equation.
Level: 7th Grade
Find the value of the variable on each model of a balance scale.
Level: 7th Grade
This file contains 30 task cards with 30 different equations. Students must isolate the variable using two steps to solve.
Level: 7th Grade
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