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6th Grade Common Core: 6.EE.2c

Common Core Identifier: 6.EE.2c / Grade: 6
Curriculum: Expressions And Equations: Apply And Extend Previous Understandings Of Arithmetic To Algebraic Expressions.
Detail: Evaluate expressions at specific values of their variables. Include expressions that arise from formulas used in real-world problems. Perform arithmetic operations, including those involving whole- number exponents, in the conventional order when there are no parentheses to specify a particular order (Order of Operations). For example, use the formulas V = s3 and A = 6 s2 to find the volume and surface area of a cube with sides of length s = 1/2.
12 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned worksheets found:
These advanced-level expressions have exponents, parenthesis and negative numbers. 30 task cards in all.
Level: 6th and 7th Grades
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Evaluate each algebraic expression. Many problems in this level have parenthesis and/or exponents.
Level: 6th Grade
Use the cryptogram symbol key at the top of the page to decode the expressions. Then simplify (solve) each.
Level: 5th through 7th Grades
These intermediate-level expressions have exponents and parenthesis. There are 30 task cards in the set. Perfect for document cameras, classroom scavenger hunts, peer tutoring, or small group instruction.
Level: 6th Grade
Evaluate each algebraic expression. Values for the variables are given. This level does not include exponents, negative numbers, or parenthesis.
Level: 5th and 6th Grades
Solve the equations using order of operations. Includes parentheses, exponents. Whole numbers only.
Level: 5th through 7th Grades
Solve the equations. These problems include parentheses and exponents. Decimals and fractions also included.
Level: 6th and 7th Grades
These advanced-level expressions include positive and negative numbers, as well as exponents and parenthesis.
Level: 6th and 7th Grades
These problems include basic parenthesis and exponents. There is a short answer question included.
Level: 5th through 7th Grades
Color each problem, as well as the answer. If you complete them all, you'll be able to navigate the maze from start to finish.
Level: 5th through 7th Grades
This file contains 30 task cards with expressions. Expressions contain parenthesis. Students use their knowledge of Order of Operations to simplify each.
example: 83 - (9 - 2)²
Level: 5th through 7th Grades
Evaluate each expression and write the answers on the answer page. This file contains 30 task cards that can be used for classroom scavenger hunts, small group instruction, exit slips, and classroom games.
Level: 5th and 6th Grades
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