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4th Grade Common Core: 4.NF.7

Common Core Identifier: 4.NF.7 / Grade: 4
Curriculum: Number And Operations - Fractions: Understand Decimal Notation For Fractions, And Compare Decimal Fractions.
Detail: Compare two decimals to hundredths by reasoning about their size. Recognize that comparisons are valid only when the two decimals refer to the same whole. Record the results of comparisons with the symbols >, =, or <, and justify the conclusions, e.g., by using a visual model.
11 Common Core State Standards (CCSS) aligned worksheets found:
Use greater than, less than, and equal to symbols to show which decimal is bigger.  Decimals are in tenths and hundredths.  (example: 1.01 < 1.11)
Level: 3rd through 5th Grades
Common Core
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Use the symbols <, >, and = to compare the decimal numbers.  (tenths and hundredths)
Level: 3rd through 5th Grades
This is the final week of 4th grade Math Buzz worksheets. If you've made it this far - congratulations! You've reached the end. In this set, students answer questions related to operations with fractions and mixed numbers, classifying quadrilaterals, multiplying fractions by whole numbers, and word problems with decimal operations.
Level: 4th Grade
This is a black and white version of the fraction, decimal, and percentage reference table.
Level: 4th through 6th Grades
On this file you have printable decimal strips that students can cut apart and use to compare decimal numbers.
Level: 4th through 6th Grades
This file includes 5 sets of cards. Students will cut out each set and put the cards in order from the least to greatest amount of money.
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
With this worksheet, students will determine whether one number is less than, greater than, or equal to another number. It includes whole numbers and numbers with values in the tenths place.
Level: 3rd through 5th Grades
Use these math symbol, phrase, and number cards to help students learn to compare decimal numbers. Designed for learning centers, small group instruction, and/or classroom games; Includes tenths and hundredths.
Level: 3rd through 5th Grades
The colors on these decimal strips match the colors on the fraction strips. Use both together to compare fractions to decimals.
Level: 4th through 6th Grades
Rewrite each list of money amounts in order, from least to greatest.
Level: 2nd through 4th Grades
This reference table illustrates fractions, decimals, and percentages.
Level: 4th through 6th Grades
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