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The printables on this page are designed to be used alongside the chapter book Wonder by R. J. Palacio. We've broken the book into manageable sections and have reading comprehension questions and vocabulary activities for each part, as well as other worksheets.

book wonder Worksheets

Part 1 - August

This packet includes a variety of comprehension questions for Part 1 of Wonder. Check student's understanding of each chapter with multiple choice and short answer questions.
5th through 8th Grades
Common Core
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Check out this vocabulary activity for Part 1: August! This activity uses words from the book such as petrified, hysterically, and anomalies. Kids will match words to the correct definition, fill in the blank with the correct word, and draw a picture to illustrate the meaning of the word.
5th through 8th Grades
These vocabulary cards are perfect for reviewing vocabulary words from Part 1: August. Words include: hindsight, relieved, impatient, aversion, notion, contagious, and more.
5th through 8th Grades
This page has a picture of a scene from the chapter titled "The Performance Space." Look closely at the picture on this and describe what is happening.
5th through 8th Grades
Look closely at this picture of a scene from the chapter titled "The Cheese Touch." Students will describe what is happening in this picture and write about how they think August felt.
5th through 8th Grades

Part 2 - Via

This packet is the perfect companion for Part 2: Via. Students will explore the concepts of simile and metaphor, analyze quotes from the text, and answer questions about vocabulary words.
6th Grade
Print out this engaging activity to practice vocabulary words from Part 2: Via. Can you fill in the missing letters and spell the full word?
5th through 8th Grades
Print and cut out these colorful vocabulary cards. Words for Part 2: Via include noble, alignment, vividly, mischievous, meticulously, spitefully, and exasperated.
5th through 8th Grades
Print out this worksheet after reading the chapter "Trick or Treat." It shows an image of Via sitting on August's bed talking to him. Kids will write down details of the conversation between Via and August.
5th through 8th Grades

Part 3 - Summer

Print out this activity for students to complete while reading Part 3: Summer. Kids will answer a variety of questions after reading each chapter.
6th Grade
Read each sentence. Fill in the blanks using eight vocabulary words from Part 3: Via.
6th Grade
Simply print and cut out these cards with vocabulary words and definitions for Part 3: Summer. Learn the definitions for words such as plague, vibe, oath, and illuminate.
5th through 8th Grades
Take a close look at this image of Summer. Where is she? What is she doing? Students will write about the chapter "The Halloween Party."
5th through 8th Grades

Part 4 - Jack

This worksheet has a picture depicting a scene from the chapter titled "Detention." Where is Jack? Why is he there? How does he feel? What is he thinking?
5th through 8th Grades

Part 5 - Justin

Part 6 - August

Part 7 - Miranda

Part 8 - August

This printout shows an illustration from the final part of the book. Students will write details about what is happing in this scene.
5th through 8th Grades

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