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Christmas in Camelot

These worksheets can be used with Christmas in Camelot, Mary Pope Osborne's 29th Magic Tree House book.

Magic Treehouse Worksheets - Christmas in Camelot

Chapters 1-3

Jack and Annie are ready for another adventure in the magic tree house. However, Christmastime in Camelot isn't quite what they thought it would be.
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In this worksheet students must choose the correct definition for the underlined vocabulary word from the story.
This file contains vocabulary word cards and definitions. Words include surge, bleak, and turrets.

Chapters 4-6

In chapters 4-6 students learn about Jack and Annie's quest to save Camelot. Student must recall these events in order to answer a series of comprehension question.
Fill in the missing letters to create words from the story. Use the clues below the words for help.
This file contains vocabulary word cards and definitions. Words include drawbridge, wistfully, and mocking.
This picture depicts a scene from Chapters 4-6 of the story. Students are asked to write a few sentences explaining the picture.

Chapters 7-9

Using your knowledge of story events answer this series of multiple choice and short answer questions.
In this activity students will match each vocabulary word from the story to the correct definition.
This file has vocabulary and definitions for Chapters 7,8,and 9. Words include joyous, glade, warily.

Chapters 10-12

In Chapters 10-12 Jack and Annie venture deeper into the Otherworld and find themselves in a sticky situation.
Each sentence contains an underlined word from the story. Use a dictionary to define each word and write the definition on the lines provided.
This file has vocabulary and definition cards for Chapters 10,11, and 12. Words include trembling, craggy, and eerily.

Chapters 13-16

In the final chapters students will read about Jack and Annie's return to Camelot. They will also find out who really asked them to come to Camelot.
In this activity students will match each word from the story to the correct definition.
This file contains both vocabulary and definition cards. Words include bewildered, billowed, and shriek.

Whole Book

Test your knowledge of the story with this whole book activity. Questions include a series of multiple choice, matching, and short answer.
Tell which character is speaking for each quote. Students will choose from a word box with characters names.
How many words from the story can you unscramble? Try you best to figure out all 12.
20 words from the story are hidden within the puzzle. Search up, down, horizontal, and diagonal looking for each word.
After they read Christmas in Camelot, try this fun scavenger hunt game with your students.
1st through 3rd Grades

Literature Circles

Write several open-ended discussion questions about the assigned chapters.
Choose several tough words from the reading and use a dictionary to define each one.
Draw a detailed picture of one scene from the reading assignment
Write a short summary of the assigned chapters.
Make connections between events from the story and real-life.
Here's a cover page for your Christmas in Camelot literature circle packet.

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Magic Tree House - Christmas in Camelot Worksheets

Christmas in Camelot - Printable Worksheets

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