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The Chocolate Touch

This page has worksheets and activities to use with Patrick Skene Catling's novel, The Chocolate Touch. This page has reading comprehension questions, vocabulary worksheets, puzzles, and vocabulary cards.

The Chocolate Touch Worksheets

Chapters 1-2

After reading Chapters 1 & 2 students will answer comprehension questions about John Midas and his intense love for chocolate.
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In this multiple choice vocabulary worksheet students will choose the correct definitions for the underlined words from the story.
This file contains vocabulary word cards and definitions. Words include hastily, absentmindedly, gravely, and persisted.
This worksheet has a brief reading passage that describes boiled candy, as well as some discussion questions. This will help students to better understand some of the candy John describes in Chapter 1.

Chapters 3-4

John suddenly has the power to turn things into chocolate. After reading Chapters 3 & 4 students will respond to comprehension questions about John's new power.
Match each vocabulary word from the story to the correct definition on the right. Words include protested, demanded, devouring, and triumph.
This file has vocabulary and definition cards for Chapters 3 & 4. Words include ambled, protested, demanded, and contentedly.

Chapters 5-6

In Chapters 5 & 6, John starts to realize that his new power may not be as great as he originally thought. Students will respond to this idea by answering a mix of short answer and multiple choice questions.
Choose the correct definition for the underlined word. Vocabulary words include spectacles, accurately, corridor, dismay, and swiftly.
This vocabulary card set contains words and definitions for vocabulary found in Chapters 5 & 6. Words include spectacles, accurately, corridor, dismay, and swiftly.

Chapters 7-8

Respond to these reading comprehension questions about John's experience at lunchtime and his trumpet solo in orchestra.
Fill in the missing letters to create a word from the story. Use the clues below each question to figure out the word. Words include enviously, persuade, throng, and instrument.
This file contains vocabulary words cards and definitions. Words include enviously, approvingly, persuade, throng, and instrument

Chapters 9-10

John's chocolate touch is starting to become a problem. Answer questions regarding John's ailment and how he's hoping to fix it.
Read each sentence containing vocabulary words from the story. Look up the definition of the underlined
words and write it on the line. Words include indignant, crouched, exhaustive, and conveniently.
This file has vocabulary and definition cards for Chapters 9 & 10. Words include indignant, crouched, exhaustive, and conveniently.

Chapters 11-12

In these final chapters, students will respond to multiple choice and short answer questions about John's chocolate touch.
What is the correct definition of the word? In this activity students will choose which definition they believe is correct. Words include proprietor, acquiring, frantically, and woefully.
In this file there is a set of vocabulary words and definitions. Words include babbling, proprietor, acquiring, frantically, and woefully.

Whole Book

Test your knowledge of The Chocolate Touch with these whole book questions. This worksheet has a mix of multiple choice, short answer, and matching questions.
Can you find the words hidden in this puzzle? Some of the words include chocolate, candy, John, toothpaste, Mrs. Midas, and pencil.

Literature Circles

This can be used as a cover page for your literature circle packet.
The question leader writes open-ended questions for the assigned chapters.
The RLC's job is to make connections between events in the novel and things that happen in real life.
The summarizer writes a brief overview of what they've read.
The word wizard's job is to find three unique or challenging words from the assigned reading and define them.
The illustrator draws a scene from the assigned chapters and shares the picture with the group.
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