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The Candy Corn Contest: Literacy Unit

Below you'll find printable literacy unit worksheets to use with the book, The Candy Corn Contest by Patricia Reilly Giff. This is one of over 20 books in her Polk Street School series.

The Candy Corn Contest Worksheets

Chapters 1 - 2

In Chapters 1 and 2 the reader learns about Richard, his class, and the sleep-over he is planning. After reading these chapters try to answer this mix of multiple choice and short answer questions.
2nd and 3rd Grades
Common Core
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Choose the correct definition for each underlined vocabulary word. Words include exciting, shuddered, and crackling.
2nd and 3rd Grades
This file has vocabulary cards. Cut them apart and fold to make two-sided word cards. Words include: exciting, shuddered, scraped, hurried, and crackling.
2nd and 3rd Grades

Chapters 3 - 4

With Thanksgiving approaching, and Richard's sleep-over drawing nearer, Richard has alot on his mind. This activity touches on both of those topics.
2nd and 3rd Grades
Fill in the missing letters to create a word from the story. After, writethe full word on the line. Vocabulary words include custodian, cheating, and collar.
2nd and 3rd Grades
Vocabulary words in this card set include: collar, invited, cheating, frowning, and custodian.
2nd and 3rd Grades

Chapters 5 - 6

In Chapters 5 and 6 Richard has big plans on how to fix his Candy Corn problem. Use this activity to test your knowledge of those chapters.
2nd and 3rd Grades
These vocabulary flashcards have the following words on them: knelt, fife, auditorium, strictist, den, crumpled, and sighed.
2nd and 3rd Grades

Chapters 7 - 8

This worksheet contains a mix of questions that assit in furthering student comprehension of the novel.
2nd and 3rd Grades
The words on this set are apron, snorted, suppose, and frowned.
2nd and 3rd Grades

Chapters 9, 10, and 11

In the last chapters of the book the reader finally learns what Richard will do about his Candy Corn dilemma. This activity contains a mixture multiple choice, short answer, and fill in the blank questions.
2nd and 3rd Grades
Read each sentence and choose the correct definition for the underlined vocabulary word. Words include whispered, delicious, and assembly.
2nd and 3rd Grades
Vocabulary card list features the following words: assembly, grinned, whispered, wondered, and delicious.
2nd and 3rd Grades

Whole Book

Test your understanding of the book by answering these final questions. Questions are grouped in sections of five and include multiple choice, true or false, and matching.
2nd and 3rd Grades
Find words from The Candy Corn Contest hidden in this puzzle. Words can be vertical, diagonal, or horizontal.
2nd and 3rd Grades
Here's a printable bookmark set that you can use with this novel.

Literature Circles

The illustrator draws a scene from the assigned chapters. Members of the reading group look at the picture and describe what's going on in the picture.
2nd and 3rd Grades
The question leader writes open-ended questions to discuss with the reading group.
2nd and 3rd Grades
The summarizer writes a short summary of the assigned chapters.
2nd and 3rd Grades
The real life connector tells how certain parts of the story are similar to events that have happened in real life.
2nd and 3rd Grades
The word wizard finds challenging words from the text and defines them.
2nd and 3rd Grades
This page can be used as a cover sheet to your students' literature circle packets.
2nd and 3rd Grades
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