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Basic Addition: Doubles Plus 1

Doubles plus 1 is an addition strategy for adding pairs of numbers where an addend is 1 more than the other addend. Students think of a doubles fact and add 1. For example, to solve 3+4, the student thinks of 3+3 (a doubles fact) and then adds 1 to make 7.

Doubles Plus One - Worksheet

Graphical Concept Worksheets: Addition Doubles +1

On this worksheet, number blocks are used as models for basic doubles +1 addition facts.
Pre-K through 1st Grade
Common Core
English and Spanish Versions Available
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Use the illustrations of red and white math counters to solve the basic doubles +1 addition facts.
Pre-K through 1st Grade
Use illustrations of ten frames with counters to answer the math facts.
Pre-K through 1st Grade

Practice Worksheets

Write the answers to basic addition facts.
Then sort them into two categories on the t-chart: doubles or doubles +1.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
This worksheet helps reinforce both doubles and doubles + 1 math skills. Includes both vertical and horizontal problems.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Read each addition story. Use a doubles +1 fact to solve.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Learning Center / Math Game
Addition Doubles +1

Flip the cards upside down. Match the addition facts with their sums. The player with the most matches wins. (Recommendation: Print on card stock or thick paper so students cannot see through the cards.)
Kindergarten and 1st Grade

Flashcards and Sliders

This file has 31 flash cards for practicing doubles facts and doubles plus 1 facts. There's also a sorting mat on the last page.
1st and 2nd Grades
Slide the facts through the airplane and say the answers. (Recommendation: Print on card stock for best results.)
Pre-K through 1st Grade
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Sample Worksheet Images

Addition Worksheets - Doubles Facts Plus 1

Addition Worksheets - Doubles Facts Plus 1 (Blocks)

Doubles Facts Plus 1 - Addition Flashcards

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