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Active and Passive Voice

These worksheets will help students to differentiate between active and passive voice.

Active and Passive Voice Worksheets

Rewrite Passive Voice as Active Voice

With this worksheet, students are given sentences that may be written in either active or passive voice. They will identify the active voice sentences and rewrite the passive ones to be active.
5th through 8th Grades
Common Core
Multiple Versions Available
Multiple Versions Available
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This worksheet has 10 passive-voice sentences. Students will rewrite the sentences to be in active voice.
5th through 8th Grades
Change each passive-voice sentence to active voice.
5th through 8th Grades
This worksheet includes a 2-paragraph passage written primarily in passive voice. Have your students rewrite the passage to use only active voice.
5th through 8th Grades

Task Cards

Each of these task cards has a sentence in either active or passive voice. Students will rewrite the sentence in the opposite tense and identify the new tense. Use these task cards for learning centers, general practice, exit tickets, or any other purpose you can think of!
5th through 8th Grades

Identifying Active and Passive Voice

Tell whether each sentence was written in active voice or passive voice. Write the letter A or P on each line.
5th through 8th Grades
Tell which sentences are written in active voice, and which sentences are passive voice.
5th through 8th Grades
This printout has 15 sentences for students to determine whether they are written in active or passive voice.
5th through 8th Grades

Anchor Chart

This file can be printed out and given out to students to help them learn about active and passive voice.
5th through 8th Grades

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Active Passive Voice Worksheets

Printable Active Passive Voice Worksheets

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