Make Adorable Fraction Pies

Pi Day Math Activity

Get ready for Pi Day on March 14th with an adorable math craft your students will love. On Pi Day, math enthusiasts everywhere celebrate the mathematical constant, π (pi), whose first three digits are 3.14. While pi signifies the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, in this activity, we're celebrating a more universal recognition of pie...the food! Children will make their own fruit pie craft and use it to practice fractions. Read on to find out more! Read More

Word Family Snack Stack

Word Family Snack Games

Stack up word family skills with your students' favorite snacks! In our February blog post, check out three fun word family activities featuring snack foods. Use these word family games in the classroom or at home to practice word families with your little learners. Read on to find out more. Read More

Arctic Animals with Cool Camouflage

Winter Science Activity

How do some of the planet's coolest creatures survive their icy arctic habitat? Learn all about arctic animals in the following seasonal science activity. Your students will use the activity worksheet included to guide them through an exploration of animals that depend on their white winter coats to survive in the arctic. Start the new year with an animal science adventure your students will love! Read on to find out more. Read More

Celebrate Holidays Around the World

Holidays in Different Countries

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Help your students discover how countries around the world celebrate the holiday season. From Christmas and Hanukkah to Kwanzaa and St. Lucia Day, there's lots to learn about the holiday season. Check out the printable research project template we have included with this activity and get ready to explore how people around the world embrace the wonder of the season. Read on to find out more. Read More

Celebrate Native American Heritage

Learn About Native American Heritage and History

November is National Native American Heritage Month. Celebrate the rich culture, traditions, and history of Native Americans with your students this month with educational activities your class will love. In our November blog post, we feature several social studies activities that will help your little learners discover and appreciate Native American heritage. Read on to find out more. Read More

Paint a Picture of History

Discover Historical Artwork

Get ready to ponder the past and explore art and history with a fun, flexible social studies activity your whole class will love. In this social studies project, students will research a historical painting that depicts an important person or event from history and share their findings with the class. This activity is super versatile and is a perfect combination of social studies, art, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Read on to find out more! Read More

Bingo Dabber Math Centers

Bingo Dabber Math Practice

You only need one thing to take your math center activities from so-so to super—bingo dabbers! Grab a set of bingo dabbers, or ink dabbers, and check out these five hands-on math centers you can implement with your class in the school year ahead. From number recognition and basic counting to addition and subtraction practice, bingo dabbers are exactly what you need to help your little learners get excited about practicing their math skills. Read on to find out more. Read More

Play Soccer Phonics!

Phonics Soccer Practice

Back-to-school season is right around the corner, so gear up your little learners for a great school year ahead with a fun early literacy game you can play outside—soccer style! Grab a soccer ball and head outdoors to practice phonics skills with three fun soccer drills that kids will love. Read on to find out more. Read More