5 Icebreakers for the Beginning of School

The start of a new school year can be daunting for students (and teachers!), so we've put together 5 icebreaker activities that will help you get your school year off to a great start! Read More

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Enter our August contest for a chance to win a hilarious chapter book series, "My Weird School" by Dan Gutman. This 21-book collection for middle readers will make a fantastic addition to any classroom library! Read More

Spelling Sensory Activities for Kids

How do you spell "SUCCESS"? By using the brand new spelling series from Super Teacher Worksheets for the new school year! Read More

Super Teacher Sweepstakes

Check out the great prize we're giving away in our July contest! Enter for your chance to win a primary math manipulation kit. This classroom activity includes 90 numeric and operations tiles, wooden beads in four colors, patterning laces, and more. Use this classroom kit to teach basic math skills to your young learners! Read More

Q & A: Interview with Author, Kelly Hashway

This month we had the opportunity to chat with author, Kelly Hashway. Kelly has written many of the reading comprehension articles in the Super Teacher Worksheets collection. In addition to being a published author of young adult novels and contemporary romances, Kelly is a masterful storyteller of children's fiction. Her short stories captivate the imagination of young to middle readers. Kelly also writes quality non-fiction passages for children, relating information and explaining concepts in a way that young learners can understand. Here's a look at our recent conversation with the talented Kelly Hashway. Read More

Super Teacher Sweepstakes

You're going to love the prize pack we're giving away this month! Enter for your chance to win 16 historical biographies for kids from the award-winning "Who Was" series. This book collection will make a wonderful addition to your classroom library! Read More

Father's Day Writing Prompts for Kids

Help your students celebrate the fathers (and father-figures) in their lives with this end-of-the-school-year activity! We've put together some fun, easy writing prompts for kids that you can use as a letter-writing activity in your classroom. You can tailor these creative response prompts to grandpas, step-dads, uncles, etc. Get your students writing creatively to honor their fathers, right up until the end of that June calendar! Read More

End-of-the-Year Gifts from You to Your Students

5 Cute, Easy Gift Ideas for Saying "Good-bye" to Your Class

The end of the school year can be a chaotic time for teachers! With state testing, end-of-term grading, shortened attention spans, and general exhaustion from a long year, it can be really easy to dismiss the idea of giving your students "good-bye" gifts. But we've got some great ideas for very quick, inexpensive, and adorable items for you to give to your students as parting gifts. You've worked so hard to make this school year memorable, so why not pick one of these sweet "goodies" below, and give your students one final reason to remember a great year! Read More