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First Place Winner ($100 Prize)

Dad's Gift  (by Lill Pluta)
A young boy thinks outside the box to find a very special gift for his dad - and Dad's reaction isn't exactly what he expected.

Runners-Up  ($10 Prize Each)
Listed Alphabetically By Poet's Last Name

MLK Day: Love Each Other  (by Nikki Aksamit)
Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of peace in hopes of achieving equal rights for all.

Mother's Day Cake  (by Anita Amin)
Find out what happens whena young girl tries bake bake an eleven-layer mother's day cake and burns it.

Mother's Day Gift  (by Guy Belleranti)
What does Mom want for Mother's Day?  A box of slime?  Shiny rocks?  Maybe some glow-in-the-dark socks?

Superstar Dad  (by Guy Belleranti)
The main character in this poem has a Superstar Dad who scares away monsters, tells jokes, and has an appreciation for big bugs.

Groundhog Day  (by Ruth Donnelly)
What makes Phil a most unusual groundhog?  His ability to predict the weather!

Daddy, Let's Play!  (by Roy Kindelberger)
A child wants to play with her Father.  She wants to play tag, ride bikes, go swimming, and lots of other things.

Turkey Day Friend  (by Roy Kindelberger)
AIn the evening on a wintry Thanksgiving Day, a boy walks home and spots a wild turkey.  He decides that turkey is not his meal of choice this Thanksgiving and befriends the bird.

Groundhog Day  (by BJ Lee)
If you see a groundhog, on his special day, stand silent and watch him.  Don't get in the way.

O Christmas Tree  (by BJ Lee)
The pine tree is dressed in its holiday wear, with silvery angels and garlands for flair.

A Simple Request  (by Liana Mahoney)
This poem is written as a letter in which a child asks, "Why is Mother's Day only one day in May?"

Labor Day  (by Lill Pluta)
People work.  People play.  That's why we have Labor Day.  This poem celebrates all types of workers in our community.

It Was Mother's Day  (by Katherine Rollins)
Find out what happens whena young girl tries bake bake an eleven-layer mother's day cake and burns it.

Flag Day  (by Erin Ryan)
Learn about the symbolism behind the stars and stripes on the American Flag.

My Dad  (by Cindy Sherwood)
This Father's Day poem is a tribute to loving, supportive dads.

4th of July  (by Susannah Sherwood)
This poem celebrates our country's freedom with mentions of parades, hot dog barbecues, and fireworks.

Many thanks to all who entered the Poetry Contest!  We had many excellent entries this time and unfortunately, I could only pick a select one first prize winner and a few runners-up.  I appreciate the time, effort, and thought that was put into your poems!

Congratulations to Lill Pluta!  Her Father's Day Gift poem earned first prize for making us laugh with its clever twist.  Lill, your $100 prize is on the way. 

Also, congratulations to the runners-up!  You've written amazing poems that are kid-friendly and fun!  I've sent a $10 runner-up prize for each of these poems.  Thank you all!

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