Phonics Worksheets: (2nd, 3rd, & 4th Grade)

Phonics Worksheets (Advanced)

These phonics worksheets can be used with students in grades 2 through 4." For a complete list of our elementary phonics worksheets, please visit our full phonics page.

Long and Short Vowels

Long and Short Vowels: Coloring Boxes Free

Color the boxes to show the vowel sound in each word.

Long Vowel Sentences Member

Look for the word in each sentence that has a long vowel sound.  Tell what sound the word has.

Long and Short Vowel Sounds Member

Use the chart to help you figure out which vowel sound is in each word.

Matching Vowel Sounds Member

The vowel sounds on the left matches up with the words on the right.

Long and Short Vowel Sort Member

Sort the words into two groups: long vowel sounds and short vowel sounds.

Short Vowel Mystery Words Member

An extra letter has been added to these short vowel words.  Students must figure out the mystery words by removing one letter.  (example:  meop = mop)

Long Vowel Mystery Words Member

An extra letter has been added to these long vowel words.  Students must take away one letter to figure out what the mystery word is. (example:  traien = train)

Vowel Diphthongs & Vowel Blends

Diphthong Sentences
(au, aw, oi, ou, oy)

Fill in the missing letters to complete the sentences.

Diphthong Questions (au, aw, oi, ou, oy) Member

Answer the questions related to words with the letters au, aw, ou, ou, and oy.

OO or UE? Member

Use an "oo" or "ue" word form the box to complete each sentence.

OY or OI? Member

Look at the pictures and tell whether the word is has an "oy" or an "oi".

Spelled with OI or OY? Member

Read the sentences and determine if the word is spelled with "oi" or "oy."

Consonant Blends

Beginning Consonant Blends
(Cut and Glue)

Cut the beginning consonant blend and paste it to the beginning of each word.  Blends include: bl, br, fl, dr, fl, pl, and gr.

Beginning Consonant Blends (tr and br) Member

Choose the correct blend for each picture.  Choose between tr and br.

Beginning Consonant Blends (fr and fl) Member

Choose the consonant blend that goes with each picture.  Choose between fl and fr.

Ph or Gh? Member

Fill in the letters "gh" or "ph" to complete each word.

Hard-C and Soft-C, Hard-G and Soft-G

Hard and Soft G and C Words Member

Determine whether each word has a soft-g, hard-g, soft-c, or hard-c sound.

Hard C or Soft C Member

Look at the words in the word box and categorize them into two groups: hard c and soft c.

Hard G or Soft G Member

Tell whether the words in the word box have a hard g or a soft g.

Sh and Ch

Word Color - /sh/ Member

Color the words the begin and end with the /sh/ sound.

Word Color - /ch/ Member

Color the word in each set the begins and ends with the /ch/ sound.

Word Copy - /sh/ Member

Copy and read the words with the /sh/ sound.

Word Copy - /ch/ Member

Copy and read the /ch/ words.

Sh - Ch Sentences Member

Write /sh/ or /ch/ on each of the lines to complete the words in the sentences.

Sh - Ch Riddles Member

Answer each of the riddle with a /ch/ or /sh/ word.

Ch-Sh Lists Member

List six words that begin with ch, end with ch, begin with sh, and end with sh.

Sh - Ch Clues Member

Use the clues to figure out the /sh/ and /ch/ words.

Word Endings

Word Endings (Cut and Glue) Member

Cut out the word endings and glue them next to the correct word beginnings.


Contractions: Cut & Glue Project Member

Cut apart the words and glue them in the correct boxes to make contractions.

Contraction Sentences Worksheet Member

Find the contraction in each sentence and tell what words it stands for.

More Phonics Skills

R-controlled Vowels Member

Using the list of words with ar, er, ir, or, and ur sounds, choose the word that best completes each sentence.

Adding -s and -es (Plurals) Member

Add an -s or -es to each word to make it plural.

Words with "le" Member

Unscramble, alphabetize, and write the words in sentences.  Includes words with "le", such as little, table, people, and turtle.

Prefixes Member

Add a prefix to each base word to form a new word.  Choose from dis-, mis-, and re-

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