Social Studies Worksheets

Social Studies

Browse our selection of Social Studies worksheets for teaching geography, map skills, communities, elementary economics, explorers, and more.

Social Studies Worksheets


Learn about Columbus, Magellan, Cortez, and other famous explorers.


Learn landform vocabulary words, such as plain, plateau, mesa, volcano, cliff, isthmus, mountain, and hill.

Maps (Geography)

Learn geography by coloring and labeling these blank maps of the continents and the United States.

Maps (Basic Map Skills)

Learn about the compass rose, key, and reading a street map, and other basic map skills with these worksheets.

Money & Economics

Learn about goods & services, supply & demand, as well as needs & wants.


Download blank timeline worksheets and timelines with questions.

Urban, Suburban, and Rural Communities

Compare and contrast rural, suburban, and urban communities.

United States

American Revolution

Use these printable worksheets to learn all about the Revolutionary War, America's founding fathers, and the Declaration of Independence.

Colonial America

Learn about the 13 American colonies with these printable worksheets, maps, and activities.

Patriotic Symbols (USA)

Learn, color, and read about many American patriotic symbols, such as the bald eagle, the flag, and others.

State Maps (Individual States)

his page has black-and-white maps of individual states, including New York, Texas, California, and Massachusetts. Includes both blank and labeled maps.

USA States & Capitals

Learn about the 50 United States and capitals with these maps, quizzes, worksheets and activities.

USA States: Penelope Peabody is Lost

Penelope Peabody is driving around the 50 states and she keeps getting lost.  Use the clues to determine which state she's in.


Australia & New Zealand

Learn about Australia's states and capitals, as well as New Zealand's islands.


Learn about Canada's provinces and capitals with these printable maps, games, and worksheets.

Republic of South Africa

Download and print blank and labeled maps of the Republic of South Africa.

United Kingdom

Use this collection of maps and worksheets to teach students about the United Kingdom.

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Science Worksheets

We also have science worksheets! Topics include butterfly life cycle, animal classifications, animal articles, plants, electricity, simple machines, and much more.

State Maps

Print individual state maps. Includes blank maps, maps with city labels, and numbered maps.

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