Full Preschool and Kindergarten Index

Preschool and Kindergarten Index

Alphabet Worksheets

Write and color on these simple worksheets for each letter of the alphabet.

Awards for PreK and K

Award these certificates to your kindergarten students for counting to 100, reciting their ABC, and others.

Basic Addition

Practice adding basic facts with sums up to 18.


Learn to recognize, read, and write color words.


Color the worksheets according to the simple number-code key.

Counting Up To 20

Use these worksheets to practice reading, writing, and counting up to 20.

Cut, Color & Glue Crafts

Simple craft projects that students can cut, color, and glue.

Hundreds Charts

Printable hundreds charts for teaching counting and adding.


Have your youngest students read these basic phonics mini-books.

Picture Patterns

Tell what shape comes next in each pattern.

Poems and Poetry

Easy to read phonic poems for kindergarten students.

Printing Letters

Learn to print each letter of the alphabet with these handwriting worksheets.

Phonics Worksheets

Teach your students to read beginning consonant sounds and vowel sounds.

Phonics Word Wheels

Students spin the phonics wheels and read the words.

Rhyming Worksheets

Worksheets for Rhyming words, matching, webs, and mini-books.

Sentences (Basic Building Sentences)

Students build their own sentences with these cut-and-glue activities. On each worksheet, students cut out the words and rearrange them to make a complete sentence.

Shapes - (Basic)

Teach young students about triangles, rectangles, squares, trapezoids, and circles.

Sight Words (Dolch Words)

Learn basic Dolch sight words with these word wheels, flashcards, and worksheets.

Sight Words (Fry Words)

Help your students learn the Fry Instant Sight words with these word wheels, checklists, and printables.

Skip Counting by 2s

Teach your students to skip count by 2s.

Skip Counting by 5s

Teach your students to skip count by 5s.

Skip Counting by 10s

Teach your students to skip count by 10s.

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First Grade Reading Comprehension

These reading passages are specially designed for first graders, but some younger kids might be able to use them as well.

First Grade Spelling

These spelling words can compliment an early-reading program.

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