Pi Day Art

Pi Day Art

As we gear up for the excitement of Pi Day on March 14th, let's infuse our classrooms with a blend of learning and creativity. In this blog post, we'll delve into the fascinating world of Pi Circle Art—an activity designed to introduce elementary students to the concept of pi while creating works of art. So, gather your supplies and call Sotheby’s, because we are about to have a collection of masterpieces.

Supplies Needed:

  • ruler

  • large piece of paper or poster board

  • pen

  • markers or colored pencils

  • compass, bowl, or large paper cup

Pi Day

Let’s begin!

Create the Central Circle:

Start by drawing a sizable circle at the center of your paper. Use a compass or a circular object like a bowl for precision, ensuring a neat and defined shape.

Pi Day Activities

Choose Your Starting Point:

Select a point on the circle to begin your Pi Circle Art journey. Start with the digit 3, representing the first digit of pi, and don’t forget to add in the decimal point. Extend a line from this point, measuring three inches outward.

Pi Day Crafts

Form Radiating Lines:

Continue from the starting point by drawing additional lines, slightly angled to create rays. These rays symbolize the continuation of pi's infinite digits.

Math Crafts

Add Points for Digits:

To represent the subsequent digits of pi, make additional points on the circle, spaced about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch apart from each other (we recommend you go at least 20 digits beyond the decimal point). From each new point, draw lines of corresponding lengths to represent the consecutive digits of pi. For example, if the next digit is 1, draw a line one inch long, and so on.

Make sure pi is displayed for your class!


Learning about Pi

Express Creativity:

Encourage students to infuse their Pi Circle Art with creativity using markers or colored pencils. Emphasize individuality and experimentation as they explore different colors, patterns, and designs. There should be consistency with each number ray (for example—all 3s should be purple).

 Pi Day Elementary Activity

Reflect and Discuss:

Engage students in a reflective discussion about pi's significance and properties. Encourage them to ponder the concept of irrational numbers and the endless nature of pi. Discuss how art and mathematics intersect in this engaging activity.


Pi Circle Art offers a dynamic way to celebrate Pi Day while fostering creativity and mathematical understanding among elementary students. Teachers can adapt this activity to suit various grade levels and learning styles. For more Pi Day help and activities, check out these Pi Day Worksheets.


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