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Gallon Man
Gallon Bot is a graphical creation that allows students to better visualize the units of capacity measurement.  Gallon Bot has a gallon-sized body and four quart-sized arms, because there are four quarts in a gallon.  Each quart-sized arm extends to pint-sized lower-arms, because there are two pints in a quart.

When students learn to draw a quick sketch of Gallon Bot, they'll always know how how to convert from cups to quarts to gallons to pints.

If you do a Google search, you'll see that Gallon Bot also goes by other names, such as Gallon Man, Mr. Gallon, and Gallon Guy.  (I haven't seen a Ms. Gallon yet, but I'm sure she's out there!)

Download Gallon Bot activities on Super Teacher Worksheets by following this link:  Gallon Bot Activities

Our site has a Gallon ot worksheets, as well as cut-and-assemble Gallon Bots students can make on their own.