Making 2024 Resolutions Pop with Art!

Making Resolutions Art

It's a brand-new year, and what better way to get your students excited about 2024 than with some awesome New Year's resolution art? We're diving into a craft that'll have your students dreaming big and reaching for the stars. Let's grab our creative gear and get started!

Materials You'll Need:

  • big poster boards or sturdy paper

  • markers, colored pencils, or crayons

  • glue sticks or tape

  • scissors

  • magazines or printed images that are age-appropriate

  • stickers or fun embellishments (if you've got 'em!)

New Year Resolutions

Step 1: The New Year Vibe

1. Gather your students and get them hyped about the new year! Maybe even reenact the New Year’s Eve countdown to midnight again?

2. Pass out those poster boards or sturdy sheets of paper. These will be the canvases for their New Year's resolution artistry!

Step 2: What’s a Resolution?

1. Before they design their posters, kick things off with a chat about resolutions! Explain to the class that a resolution is a promise you make to yourself about something POSITIVE you want to do or change in the new year. It's like setting a goal for yourself. Discuss examples together, such as reading more books, being kind to others, trying new foods, learning a new hobby, or helping the environment.

2. Now that everyone's got a good grasp on what resolutions are, it's time to get creative! Have the kids draw or write down their resolutions using markers, colored pencils, or crayons.

Step 3: Picture It Perfect

1. Now, here comes the fun part! Bust out those magazines or printed images related to hobbies, interests, or dreams (like sports, travel, books—you name it!).

2. Get the scissors out and have them cut out pics or words that match their resolutions. If they want to read more, find images of books or cozy reading spots.

3. Glue or tape these cutouts onto their posters, creating a visual masterpiece of their aspirations.