Jelly Bean Rainbow Science

Jelly Bean Science Project

What could be more exciting than a jelly bean science experiment?! In this activity, your little learners will make mesmerizing rainbow patterns with jelly beans and water. This science project couldn't be easier or more fun—grab a pack of jelly beans and read on to find out more!

Make a Jelly Bean Rainbow

Jelly Bean Science Experiment

This rainbow science activity is super simple to set up and do with little ones. You will only need three things to do the science experiment: jelly beans in different colors; warm water; and a white bowl or plate. Here's how to make a rainbow pattern with jelly beans: 

First, arrange jelly beans in a circle in a bowl or on a plate. Your students may choose any color pattern they like. The jelly beans should look like this: 

Jelly Bean STEM Activity

Next, pour warm water from a cup or beaker very slowly down the side of the bowl or plate. The key is to let the water come in contact with the jelly beans without moving them. (It may be helpful for an adult to do this part.) 

 Jelly Bean Science Project

Then, observe what happens as the warm water dissolves the sugary colored coating of the jelly beans and runs toward the center of the bowl or plate. 

Spring STEAM Activity

Students will watch as the colors run off the jelly beans and form a beautiful rainbow design. 

Spring Science Experiment

What is happening here? Discuss with your students how the water molecules dissolve the sugar molecules by breaking apart the bonds that hold them together. Of course, you can use the scientific vocabulary that is most appropriate to your students' current understanding of science. 

Elementary Science Project

Feel free to try this science experiment with different colors and patterns of jelly beans. It also works well with other colored candies like Skittles or M&Ms. It's such a quick activity to set up that you can easily do it a couple of times. 

Curious how other substances may dissolve the jelly beans? You could also try out this science activity with white vinegar or cooking oil and compare the outcomes to the original experiment. 

Ready to try out jelly bean rainbow science with your little ones? Be sure to tag Super Teacher Worksheets on social media so we can check out your beautiful rainbow designs! Also, drop us a line in the comment section below to share your experience with our teaching community. 

Looking for more fun, educational science resources for your students? Visit the Super Teacher Worksheets Science Collection for tons of great science activities. 

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