DIY Classroom Hacks

Classroom Organization Hacks

Getting your classroom organized for the new school year doesn't have to be complicated or expensive! We've put together ten easy and affordable DIY (Do It Yourself) projects to help you keep your classroom organized for the rest of the school year. Read on to find out more!

The following projects are the perfect solution for busy teachers on a budget. Each project took only a few minutes to put together, aside from buying a few supplies. Most of the materials are either common classroom or household items. If you don't already have the supplies, you can find what you need for a few dollars at your local dollar store or Walmart. 

Use Popsicle sticks to call on your students

DIY Student Name Popsicle Sticks

Write out your students' names on Popsicle sticks and put them in a container. Each time you choose a Popsicle stick at random, either flip it upside down or remove it from the container so you can make sure you call on each of your students. 

Use labels on your binder clips to keep track of paperwork

DIY Binder Clip Labels

Add some labels to your binder clips and you won't be struggling to remember what to do with all those piles of paperwork you need to go through. Know exactly which papers need to be graded, copied, or handed out at a glance. 

Use glue sponges instead of buying glue sticks

DIY Glue Sponges

No need to go through countless glue sticks this school year! Grab some kitchen sponges and food storage containers from the dollar store to make handy glue sponges you can use over and over again. Simply pour liquid glue over the sponges and seal the containers when not in use. Spritz the sponges with water before students use them, and they're good to go!

Use toothbrush holders to store paintbrushes 

DIY Paintbrush Holder

Keep your classroom paintbrushes on hand for art projects by storing them in a toothbrush holder. Students can grab them with ease and no one has to go digging in the bottom of classroom bins to find them! 

Use tin cans to separate sharp and dull pencils

DIY Pencil Sorter

Save a couple tin cans from home and wrap them with colorful construction paper. Use them to keep sharpened pencils separate from dull ones. 

Use an over-the-door shoe organizer to distribute student assignments 

DIY Student Assignment Organizer

Shoe organizers are great for organizing papers to hand out to students! Label the pockets with your students' names and distribute handouts, assignments, and more! (Tip: We recommend using the plastic shoe organizers instead of the mesh one pictured here because your papers will slide into the pockets easier and the labels will adhere to the plastic better!)

Use microfiber cloths to keep whiteboards clean

Microfiber Cloth Eraser for Whiteboard

Pretty self-explanatory, but we love keeping these handy cloths around for a variety of cleaning purposes, and they sure do work great on whiteboards! 

Use Velcro to adhere dry erase markers to the side of your whiteboard

DIY Velcro Holders for Dry Erase Markers

While we're on the subject of whiteboards, why not attach a few pieces of Velcro to the rim of your whiteboard and the backs of your dry erase markers to make sure you always know where to find them?

Use magazine holders to organize reading materials

DIY Bookshelf Organization

Magazine holders are great for organizing reading material by type, topic, or class subject. You can get several of them for just a couple dollars at your local dollar store!

Use command hooks to hang student pencil bags

DIY Pencil Bag Hangers

Stick some command hooks on the side of your students' desks for a handy spot for them to hang their pencil bags. This is a helpful way to keep important supplies within easy reach, especially if your students' desks are filled with books or they don't have extra storage space. 

What do you think of these DIY classroom organization ideas? Do you have your own tips for classroom organization to share with our teaching community? We want to hear from you! Please leave us your feedback in the comment section below. 

Looking for more great resources to get your school year off to an amazing start? Visit the Super Teacher Worksheets Back to School Page for printable icebreaker activities, getting-to-know-you assignments, homework agendas, desk tags, and more! 

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