Thanksgiving Math Activity

Thanksgiving Addition Activity

Your little learners will want to gobble up this Thanksgiving-themed math activity! It's the perfect way to practice basic addition, money skills, and critical thinking skills. Gather those holiday grocery ads from your Sunday newspaper and we'll show you how to "ad" up to a great Thanksgiving dinner!

Here's what you'll need for this Thanksgiving math activity:

- 3 or 4 grocery store ads

- marker 

- notebook

The objective of this activity is to determine the least expensive way to buy all the necessary ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner. 

First, you'll need to give your students a "shopping list," or four to five items they will need to search for in the grocery store ads. Here's an example: Turkey, cranberries, green beans, potatoes, and corn. 

Students will browse the ads for each item on their shopping list and decide which store is offering the best price. They will jot down the lowest price they find in their notebook. When all the items have been recorded, students will add up the prices to figure out the total cost of their Thanksgiving meal. 

Thanksgiving Math Challenge

Want to make this a take-home project? Give your students their shopping list in class, and give them a week to sift through the newspaper ads and fliers to find the best deals. They must bring in the ads they used for the project with the items circled. The student(s) whose Thanksgiving dinner costs the least get a prizeā€”if they add correctly!

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Be sure to check out the Super Teacher Worksheets Thanksgiving Page for more fun educational activities! 

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