Properties of Multiplication

Properties of Multiplication

Printable worksheets for reviewing the associative, distributive, commutative, and identity properties of multiplication.

Associative Property

Associative Property (Basic) Member

According to the associative property of multiplication, it doesn't matter how the numbers in a given multiplication problem are grouped. In this worksheet, students practice grouping problems in different ways. Each problem has 3 numbers.

Commutative Property

Commutative Property Member

According to the commutative property of multiplication, numbers in a multiplication problem can be in any order. In this worksheet, students rearrange the numbers in each multiplication problem, then solve.

Distributive Property

Distributive Property (Basic) Member

This graphical worksheet has arrays to help students visualize how the distributive property of multiplication works.

Distributive Property (Intermediate #1) Member

Write an expression indicated by each graphical model shown.

Distributive Property (Intermediate #2) Member

In this worksheet, students will use the distributive property of multiplication solve basic problems.

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